Triplewax Bumper Shine

triplewax bumper shine

Washing a car, washing it properly, involves more than a sponge and a bucket.

Sure, you have to get all the dirt and grime off (and use the right car wash products in the process), that’s a no-brainer, but the proof of the pudding, the final product, is always determined by the things you do after you drop your sponge (or car wash mop) back into the bucket.

Like using a quality chamois and blade dryer to remove the water from your clean car, thus not allowing dirt to be attracted to the water droplets.

Tyre clean and shine, wheel cleaner, and glass cleaner also make a big difference to the final product.

But don’t forget your cars bumpers, rubbers and PVC trims.

That’s exactly where this week’s Behind the Wheel Car Product of the Week comes into its own – Triplewax Bumper Shine.

Triplewax Bumper Shine guarantees a ‘new look’ shine every time on plastic bumpers of all colours.

It is suitable for use on all PVC trim, plastic bumpers, tyre walls, side mirrors and spoilers for outstanding long-lasting results.

Order a big 500ml Triplewax Bumper Shine aerosol now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store and leave your shiny clean looking a million dollars!

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