CarPlan Ultra Glass Cleaner

carplan ultra glass cleaner

Clean glass doesn’t just make your car look better, it’s also a safety feature!

If you can’t see properly out of your vehicle then you’re at a disadvantage before you even turn the key.

Clean glass, inside and out, also gives your car a fresher, cleaner feel.

And, did you know that clean glass can also help you avoid fogged-up windows on rainy days?

Most importantly, clean window glass is just so easy to obtain with this week’s Car Product of the Week – CarPlan Ultra Glass Cleaner.

CarPlan Ultra Glass Cleaner is specifically designed for use on interior and exterior glass.

The streak free formula removes dirt, grime, insect deposits, tobacco haze and finger marks.

And, being a quality CarPlan product you know it won’t just work great, you won’t need to use as much as what you would if you chose a sub-par window cleaner.

Order CarPlan Ultra Glass Cleaner in a 500ml trigger pack now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $8.99.

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