CarPlan Demon Wheels Cleaner

carplan demon wheels

There’s a simple way to keep your alloys all shiny and clean – CarPlan Demon Wheels Cleaner.

Why keep your wheels clean? Well, nothing brings down the look of a car quicker than dust covered, grimy alloy wheels.

But you don’t have to have dirty wheels because not only is this week’s Car Product of the Week extremely effective, it’s also really quick!

How do we know?

Well, we’ve tested the entire CarPlan Demon Range, including the wheel cleaner, and came away very impressed.

Offered in a big one litre bottle, this is not your typical aerosol-type wheel cleaner – this is the real deal.

Just spray on, leave for a little bit, perhaps using a soft brush to shift the really baked-on stuff, and hose off.

Your wheels will like look they were intended to, and shiny finish will bring up the whole look and feel of your vehicle.

A great gift idea, Demon Wheels is also up to the job in commercial environments such as car dealerships, car detailing shops and car wash cafes.

Order a big one litre bottle of CarPlan Demon Wheels Cleaner now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $18.99!

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