Advertising with Behind the Wheel

A growing online presence across both web and mobile, Behind the Wheel also includes popular syndicated weekly and daily radio programs & segments, podcasts and a highly active social media community – all combining to provide an ever-growing multi-media information-rich automotive experience.


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What we bring to the table

Delivering engaging, unbiased, informative content across platforms is at the heart of everything we do. The content we create is driven by creativity, innovation, design, leadership and technology. We highly value our readers and listeners and will continue to offer multiple spaces where they can freely explore and consume relevant and appealing content.


The web is changing the way people research and buy cars.

The web is a key information source for consumers during the vehicle shopping process. Recent search suggests that when in the research phase, new and used vehicle shoppers now access information online across the spectrum of devices and channels.

With unbiased information, car reviews and car buying advice, Behind the Wheel attracts information-seeking consumers looking to research car makes and models before making a purchase.

As a result, Behind the Wheel offers serious opportunities for advertisers looking to influence shoppers at each point during their research process. For advertisers, our format dramatically improves the chances of turning a researcher into a vehicle buyer.


Consuming content on the go.

Connect to consumers in powerful ways with mobile advertising spots targeted to consumers on the go. Making up almost 20% of site visitors, mobile and tablet visitors use Behind the Wheel to discover information as they are out and about.

With more and more car shoppers turning to their mobiles and tablets to research car makes, models and prices – even when visiting dealerships – Behind the Wheel’s mobile site provides a highly targeted vehicle for advertiser success.


Heard on over 150 radio stations across Australia.

The Behind the Wheel radio program and daily segments are heard each week on radio stations and networks across Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Both the program and segments aim to deliver interesting and useful information on cars and motoring to a general audience.

Our podcasts attract thousands of listeners each week and are available through all the major podcast platforms, including iTunes and Stitcher.


A social engine of loyal and active fans.

Bringing together an active and fast growing community of vehicle researchers and car enthusiasts, our Facebook page is regularly updated with all the latest news, views and reviews from Behind the Wheel. It’s our social engine, driving community engagement and plenty of seriously qualified traffic to our site and advertisers with a market leading 30,000+ loyal, engaged fans.

An ever-expanding following on Twitter and Instagram, along with a dedicated YouTube Channel ensure Behind the Wheel has the social media power to drive home your message.