CarPlan Screen Wash Review

CarPlan Screen Wash Review

We review an all-seasons screen wash from CarPlan…

I hate having a dirty windscreen! Aside from squashed bugs, dirt and bird droppings annoyingly blocking your view, there are real safety advantages to having a clean windscreen.

A good set of wiper blades is a must, as is a quality additive in your washer bottle.

CarPlan Screen Wash Review
CarPlan Screen Wash Review.

There are a number of windscreen additives on the market, I have found with some however that while the results are positive initially, when the water and additive dries a residue can be left over around the wiping area.

This then tends to attract more dirt.

I’ve been very impressed with the other products in the CarPlan range, so it was good to test this screen wash.

CarPlan Screen Wash Review
After determining that the vehicle we were using had a four litre washer tank we topped it up with clean water.
CarPlan Screen Wash Review
Then you simply add 10% of the washer reservoirs total.

With measurements down the side of the side of the bottle measuring out approximately 40ml of the concentrate was simple.

A good squirt of the washers got the water and concentrate pumping through the jets and onto the windscreen. The result was a clean windscreen with no residue.

CarPlan say this product also helps prevent the washer bottle contents from freezing, though its recommended that the concentration be increase to 25% or more.

Summing it up: You have to have an additive in your washer fluid.

With a RRP of just $4.99, the CarPlan product is as good, or better, than any other windscreen washer additive I’ve come across.

You can purchase CarPlan All Seasons Screen Wash from the Altrex Auto Accessories on-line store.

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