Aerpro Charge and Store Review

Simon Lai reviews a handy device to have on your car keys.

Aerpro Charge and Store Review
Aerpro Charge and Store Review.

The Aerpro Charge & Store isn’t the most autoesque product but being a keyring, I guess it qualifies.

The Charge & Store does exactly that – it charges and it stores.

The cap flips open to reveal a USB connection and a phone connection and can be used as conduit, like a cable, to transfer data from your phone to your computer while charging it at the same time.

You can also plug it into a mains adapter and charge it that way.

Aerpro Charge and Store Review
Charge your phone on the go.

Connect the USB be itself to your PC and it becomes a USB flash drive with an 8GB capacity.

But the best feature is its ability to charge your phone which comes in handy when it’s just about to run out of juice and you need to make that one phone call or take another picture.

The charge & store comes in both micro USB connectors for certain android phones and lightning connectors for iPhones.

It appears to be a bit large for a keyring but is really no bigger than the modern car keys of today.

At $49.99 it may also be a little steep but its versatility, functionality and convenience justifies the price.

Full marks for this little work of genius.

Aerpro charge & store is available from Masters, Supercheap, Autobarn, Autopro, Repco, Car Audio Masters and independent car audio retailers.

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