Subaru Corporation comes online from tomorrow

Subaru Corporation comes online from tomorrow

Subaru parent company name change takes effect April 1…

Fuji Heavy Industries is no more, instead, the manufacturer of Subaru cars is now known as Subaru Corporation.

As we first reported back in June last year, the parent company of Subaru started life as an aircraft manufacturer.

However, with cars being the top priority for Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) since 1950, the shareholders voted to fall in line and adopt the well-known car brand’s name.

They say the move will help grow the Subaru brand.

The new name kicks in from tomorrow (April 1st) and FHI President and CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, tells us it made sense to bring the names into line.

“This change in the company name declares Subaru’s determination to thrive as a brand that delivers value.

“When customers are satisfied, we see happy faces.

“We want to encourage even more smiles and create even more Subaru fans. Together with the new company name, let’s all make the Subaru team shine brighter!”

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