Beware of Common In-Car Distractions

A look at the things inside a car that can cause the most driver distraction…

Beware of Common In-Car Distractions

When we get in our car there’s a big piece of glass right in front of us called a windshield.

It allows us to see the road and traffic in front of us which allows us to determine how we should drive to get where we’re going.

Despite this, we still manage to find lots of distractions inside of our car that keep us from paying attention and just keeping our eyes aimed out the windshield.

Here are a few common avoidable in-car distractions…


One of the downsides of advanced car technology is our stereo systems are getting too pretty.

Instead of just a dial to distract us we have screens with pretty graphics and touch controls. This is nice to have, but it’s also off-putting.

Luckily, most cars nowadays have steering wheel controls, don’t forget to use them so you don’t have to take your hands off the wheel.

Set up your favourite pre-set stations, keep the volume reasonable and limit fussing around with the radio while driving.


GPS technology is becoming more common in modern cars and is extremely convenient, but are still classed as a distraction.

Satellite-navigation systems are generally ‘hands off’ when it comes to giving you information, these systems have been developed with inbuilt voice command to help your eyes on the road.

While they’re much better than messing around with a paper map, try not to stare at the screen or push the buttons too much while you’re driving.

Get it all set before you disembark and let it do the work.


I’ve noticed other drivers doing some pretty crazy things. One of my personal favourites that I’ve seen is a driver eating a bowl of cereal!

While I don’t know how this is logistically possible, somebody made it happen and that just tells you how creative people get when they’re eating and driving.

Eating and driving isn’t prohibited (check your local laws) and isn’t always a bad idea, just keep it simple. Leave the bowl of cereal for the kitchen table.

Mobile Phone

This is the big one! We see it every day. Sometimes we see more drivers on their phones than concentrating on driving.

I’ve been guilty of it and you probably have too, but we really need to cut that out.

I don’t need to give you the scary statistics about mobile phones and driving to tell you they just don’t mix.

Checking Facebook or Instagram can wait until you reach your destination – no one’s status update or selfie is worth risking your life over.

Modern car tech is giving us a lot of Bluetooth features making talking on the phone while driving as simple as talking to someone in your car without touching your mobile at all.

If you really need to be on the phone while driving, purchasing a Bluetooth enabled car or aftermarket device that keeps your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road is a wise investment.

Thanks to Fixed Price Car Service for this handy info on in-car distractions.

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