Behind the Wheel Podcast 489

behind the wheel podcast 489

Lots to get through on this week’s Behind the Wheel. We’ll take you driving in the highly-acclaimed Kia Stinger.

Acclaimed for good reason, it truly is an epic car. Pete and Chris go round the block in a frenetic but totally legal fashion.

We’ll also hit the road in the all new Volvo XC60, a car that has already picked up a raft of awards.

Volvo really is hitting it’s straps now with some truly beautiful new cars, the XC60 takes centre stage. We’ve got David Pickett, Technical Manager of Volvo Cars on the show to break down some of the more finer detail.

HSV are in business big time. They’re one of the most exciting things happening in the Australian market right now.

With an influx of imported vehicles, HSV are weaving their magic and turning out some serious vehicles worthy of the iconic HSV badge.

Joel Helmes has been flitting across the country attending car launches left and right. We’ll here about a new seven-seat Lexus SUV and a special edition Mazda MX-5.

Rach makes a welcome return and wants to talk about the stupidest car modifications on the road. Wait till you hear about the jacked up Commodore she spotted in Sydney!

Press play, it’s time to go on this week’s Behind the Wheel

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