Cars in Music Videos – Chevy Sonic in Needing/Getting by OK Go

Chevrolet Sonic/Holden Barina and Needing/Getting by OK Go

When you love music, and you love cars, every now and then those two worlds collide and you get a killer music video clip featuring either an awesome car, or a car used in an awesome way.

So, I’d like to share with you some of my favourite clips that have captured my imagination over the years with the new series Cars in Clips. And to start us off, I’ve got an epic one!

What do you get when you take a Chevrolet Sonic (to us Aussies that’s a Holden Barina), hundreds of musical instruments and a highly talented band that you stick out on a ranch with camera and sound equipment? You get OK Go’s Needing/Getting.

From the 2010 album Of the Blue Color of the Sky, the video was released in 2012 as a Super Bowl ad sponsored by Chevrolet.

How they’ve pulled this together is phenomenal.

The amount of planning and strategising is intense, with the lead singer having to go off and do a 3-day stunt driving course so they wouldn’t have to use stunt doubles.

And hats off to Chevrolet too, who basically handed over the money and trusted the band’s judgement.

The car was fitted out with numerous arms and bars – anything that could extend off it and hit the various instruments that were strategically placed along a rally track, to create the different sounds that make up the song.

It’s mesmerising to watch!

I’d also recommend checking out the behind the scenes vid to see how it was done, it really is interesting stuff.

These guys consistently make off the chart videos for their music, so if you’ve got time check out their other vids.

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