Honda Civic Hatch brake issues

Honda Civic Hatch brake issues

Cynthia reports troubles with the brakes on her Honda Civic hatch.

Honda Civic Hatch brake issues
Honda Civic Hatch brake issues – Our reader Cynthia has needed to replace brake pads and rotors on a two year old Honda Civic Hatch.

We got a comment in from our reader Cynthia who is having some issues with the brakes on her Honda Civic Hatch wearing out faster than she might have expected.

Cynthia said that she purchased her 2013 Honda Civic hatch new and after just 30,000kms the brakes and the brake rotors had to be replaced.

She said that she was told that because the car comes out of Europe (this series of Honda Civic Hatch is built in the United Kingdom) it has soft brakes/brake pads and that she should expect to have to change these every two years.

At a cost of $959.00 Cynthia wasn’t too happy. She asked us whether her brake rotors were covered under warranty.

We put the question to Honda Australia and Public Relations Manager Melissa Cross responded;

Without knowing any details about this case, I can advise is that if the rotors are worn, they will not be covered under warranty as it is a normal wear and tear part.

The vehicle would need to be inspected at a Honda Dealership to ascertain if there is a manufacturing defect, where the part would be covered under warranty.

As you can understand, the life expectancy of components such as brakes depends on a number of factors, including the style of driving and the type of conditions the vehicle is subjected to on a daily basis. Driving technique and conditions will vary from customer to customer.

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  1. Just had new pads on Honda Civic hatch 2103. Only 27000 Kms. I am 76 and drive very slowly. Rotors still oK until next time.
    It is a disgrace.. Also black braked dust on wheels is terrible.
    Honda couldn’t care less

  2. My wife and I too have issues with our 2013 civic. 36k kms and machined rotors with new pads. 9000km later and the pads are down over 50% with a 2mm lip on the rotors. Get annoyed every time I wash car with the amount of black dust on the front wheels. I have contacted Honda and was tolled the same story about its a European designed car and has different braking set up to which I replied this is Australia and so should be to Australian conditions. Again they are not interested.

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