Best Cars for Seniors

Our guide for the best cars for senior drivers.

Best Cars for Seniors
The car you buy can make life easier, or more difficult.

The over 65 car buyer market is huge, but are car designers considering our senior drivers?

Well no, I don’t think they really are. When sitting down to look at the cars I’ve driven in the last few years, I couldn’t really find one that might be described as the complete package for older drivers.

Sure, some cars offer easy access, some have simple controls, but, as far as I can see, few cars really tick all the boxes when it comes to making life easier for older road users.

Here’s a selection of models that do offer some aspects that might help:

Mitsubishi Mirage

Best Cars for Seniors
Best Cars for Seniors – Mitsubishi Mirage.

The budget-price Mitsubishi offers a very basic and simple cabin. The speedometer is sizeable and what controls the Mirage does have are all in the right places. With a relatively high roof-line and adequate legroom, the Mitsubishi offers pretty good cabin access.

Automatic versions of the Mirage start at just $14,490 and you get a full five-star ANCAP safety rating and five-year warranty.

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Mitsubishi ASX

Best Cars for Seniors
Best Cars for Seniors – Mitsubishi ASX.

There is a real advantage to opting for a cross-over model such as the ASX – the seats sit up higher than in an average sedan.

That means getting into and out of the vehicle is going to be easier, you get a generally more upright seating position and visibility can also be better than a sedan.

The ASX features a very simple dashboard and easy to read gauges, everything is well placed and easy to use.

The ASX comes with a choice of diesel or petrol engines and an auto ASX will set you back from $26,990. Once again a full five-star safety rating is also on offer.

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Honda CR-V

Best Cars for Seniors
Best Cars for Seniors – Honda CR-V.

It’s not just Mitsubishi that offers models that go close to meeting the needs of senior drivers – Honda is also renowned for sensible and functional cars.

The Civic would be the pick of the Honda sedan range, but a fairly high sill panel can make accessing the cabin a touch difficult. On the plus side though, Honda cars do have doors that open out to nearly 90 degrees and that really does help with access – though when a door opens that far out it can be a challenge getting it closed.

The CR-V though offers easy access thanks to the height of the seats, the dash is relatively simple – points are lost however for the tiny buttons under the centre display screen and visibility is excellent.

In-all though the CR-V is a sensible car that is well-priced – an auto CR-V will cost you from $29,790 and yes, it comes with a five-star ANCAP rating.

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Toyota Corolla

Best Cars for Seniors
Toyota Corolla

The Corolla has long been a popular model among those on the other side of 65. Toyota has however breathed a bit more life and excitement into the world’s favourite small car in recent years.

Thankfully, the Corolla is still a rather simple offering.

With quite basic and well laid-out controls, the new Corolla sedan now also offers a roomier cabin thanks to an extended wheelbase and as you’d expect you get a full safety rating.

A reversing camera is standard and an automatic Toyota Corolla will cost you from just $22,240.

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Kia Cerato

Best Cars for Seniors
Best Cars for Seniors – Kia Cerato.

The ever-improving cars coming out of South Korea often have one thing in common – simple, well laid-out cabins and dashboards.

The new Cerato is one of the best examples of this. Really good visibility, easy to drive, it really is a very good package.

As far as being a seniors-friendly car the Kia loses points for a fairly low seating position and only average legroom.

The upper-spec models though get brightly illuminated gauges and a very clear and easy to read driver info screen.

Sedan and hatch variants of the Kia Cerato with an automatic transmission are priced from just $21,990.

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