Your Car Reviews: BA Ford Falcon XR8 Ute

Your Car Reviews: BA Ford Falcon XR8 Ute

Harry reviews his BA Ford Falcon XR8 ute.

My old runabout Toyota Corolla died and I needed a replacement. I’ve never owned a Ute, never owned a V8 (plus doing a major home renovation) so I bought a Ford Falcon BA XR8 Ute.

Always loved Ford cars, and this one justifies my preference. Lovely to drive, lots of power when I feel a little “spirited” and not too fuel hungry if I take it easy.

Down side? It’s really wide in the rear end (kind of like my wife actually!) and car parks can be challenging.

Bottom line? I love my Ute and think everyone should, at least once in their lives, buy a car that gets their heart pumping even if it is totally impractical.

Harry thank you for a great review of your XR8 ute! Want to get your car review published by us? Send your review via [email protected] or our Contact page.

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