Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Territory TX

Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Territory TX

Andrea reviews her 2004 Ford Territory for us.

Well, I bought a Ford Territory. 2004 model, AWD TX with a few extras like cruise control, side air-bags, colour coded bumpers, fog lamps and LPG system.

What I like about the Ford is the size, comfort and that it can tow my horse float.

What I don’t like…

The $1500 to have EVERY bush replaced in it!

The cost to run DESPITE being on gas.

The FLOATYNESS of the suspension.

I would REVIEW my choice of car next time!  I would prefer a Toyota Prado so I can tow, but still have comfort and the economy of a DIESEL!!!

Oh well… them’s the breaks!

Thanks Andrea, we really enjoyed your Ford Territory review. Would you like to review your car for us and possibly win a prize? Send your car review (or it could be a bus, truck, motorcycle…whatever you like) to or use the Contact page.

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