Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Falcon Ute

Your Car Reviews: 2004 Ford Falcon Ute

Sarah reviews her BA Ford Falcon utility for us.

I brought my Ford Falcon BA ute because we moved to the country and it is so handy to have a ute.

Having a ute is especially convenient when getting much needed wood.

The Ford Falcon is still running strong after 5 years and 100,000’s of km’s that we have done in it. Never broken down (touchwood), it really is my bush beast.

But like most I would love a brand new ute to show off to the family and friends, something jet black would be cool, I especially love the new Chevy ute.

Sarah thanks for telling us all about your trusty and handy Ford Falcon ute. Because you sent us in your review and we published it, you are now in the draw to win the Crystal UHF CB Radio.

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