Yet another Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall

Yet another Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall

Big Jeep heading back to dealerships for possible wiring fault.

Yet another Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall
The recall is the latest in a series of technical and mechanical glitches found in the Grand Cherokee.

Owners of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will need to have a small wiring issue checked by their local Chrysler/Jeep dealership.

The ACCC say 2011 to 2014 models of the Grand Cherokee could possibly have a high resistive short at the vanity lamp wiring due to a trapped wire.

While the fault may seem trivial, the ACCC warns that if the defect occurs it may present a potential fire hazard.

The voluntary safety recall will see all affected vehicles inspected, any damaged wiring repaired, and a new sun visor spacer installed.

Chrysler/Jeep will contact owners directly and more information is available from dealerships.