Worrying findings in dogs in cars study

dog restrained in car

Dog ownership is on an upward trend and more Australian’s are regularly taking their pets in their car.

But if you’re taking Fido for an outing you must make sure your four-legged friend is properly restrained in your vehicle.

A recent study found about one in three motorists admitted to not securing their dog safely in their car.

That is a big concern not just for the animal but for the occupants of that car and other road users.

Of those dog owners surveyed who said they don’t always secure their pets, 32% said it was because the animals did not like it.

31% claimed there was no need when undertaking short journeys.

Some said pets had previously jumped out of the window resulting, on occasion, in the pet being killed or injured.

Owners also admitted being involved in accidents after being distracted by their pets, that dogs had turned on indicators, obscured the view ahead and bitten occupants.

Not only is it a legal requirement to have dogs restrained in vehicles, it is unquestionably safer for the animal too.

So, make sure you get a proper harness or other restraint system for your pooch before you next hit the roads together.

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