Workshop Wonders Silicone DD Aerosol

carplan Workshop Wonders Silicone DD Aerosol

Cars, like everything else, need care and maintenance to keep them in top shape and one clever helper in this regard is Workshop Wonders Silicone DD Aerosol.

The week’s Product of the Week, as the name implies, is another member of the impressive CarPlan ‘Workshop Wonders’ family.

The Silicone DD Aerosol promises to help you keep your car’s sunroof sliding freely and water tight, making sure those all important guide rails and rubbers that help your sunroof function are kept in tip-top shape.

It can also help you protect and lubricate other plastic and rubber components on your vehicle, including:

  • Window seals
  • Doors seals
  • Black plastic trim (inside and out)
  • Interior vinyl trim

And you can even use it on your cars spark plugs and ignition leads to help with insulation and to prevent moisture intrusion.

CarPlan Workshop Wonders Silicone DD Aerosol also helps stop squeaks and prevents jamming…perhaps you can even find uses for it around the house?

A must have for your workshop or garage, look after your sunroof, your rubbers, plastic surfaces etc. with this very handy product.

Order a big 400ml can today from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $9.99.

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