Workshop Wonders Get In There Aerosol

Workshop Wonders Get In There Aerosol

Our Product of the Week is Workshop Wonders Get In There Aerosol.

They say there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. However, there is a third certainty – just about anything made of metal will rust!

Before you go to remove those rusty screws or loosen a rusty nut and bolt give it a good squirt of our Product of the Week, Workshop Wonders Get In There Aerosol.

Available now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for only $9.99, this quality CarPlan product does more than just help free rusty screws and bolts, it also works great on rusty door hinges (around the home or on the car).

How are your locks? Not quite as free and easy to open as they used to be? Here’s the product you need.

Get In There Aerosol is made from a special blend of base oil/solvents and colloidal graphite and can also help by deeply penetrating and freeing up joints and components and it works wonders on rusty chains too.

This is a great product to have on the shelf in your garage and you’ll find it handy for dozens of jobs around the house and car.

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