Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Get shiny, clean wheels in an instant with this product of the week

wonder wheels cleaner

This week’s Car Product of the Week is Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Wheel Cleaner.

Last time we highlighted the CarPlan Ultra Foam Tyre Cleaner, but there’s no point in having shiny tyres if your cars alloy wheels are grubby.

And boy, can they get grubby?

A lot of European cars have brake disc pads that emit a whole lot of brake dust and while that means more brake maintenance for you, it also means more mess on your alloys too!

Nothing brings the look of a car down faster than filthy wheels.

That’s where this excellent product will solve the issue and all at a minimum of fuss and without breaking the bank.

Simply spray Wonder Wheels Super Alloy Wheel Cleaner onto your wheels, use the accompanying brush to shift the baked-on dust and gunk, hose off and your alloys will literally look like new.

We’ve road-tested and reviewed the Wonder Wheels product and found it to be easy and effective to use.

Don’t have alloy wheels? It will work just as well on steel wheels and plastic wheel covers.

Order a 500ml trigger pack and brush right now from the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store for just $19.99.

Your wheels will thank you for it!

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