Why are Australians avoiding electric cars?

What do you look for when buying a car? Is it the looks, the fuel economy, features, or the brand name that sway you one way or another?

While all of those factors matter – the carbon footprint of your potential purchase is also something to keep in mind.

Australians are more environmentally conscious than ever before, yet when it comes to switching to electric, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and hybrid cars we’re still well behind most other markets.

The lackluster sales of electrified cars in Australia has surprised many. So why is it we’re giving these new offerings a wide berth?

People enjoy top Kiwi mobile pokies but have trouble choosing to buy an electric car.

Understanding why Electric Cars aren’t selling in Australia

Lack of Government Incentives

It seems that Australians just don’t have enough of an incentive to buy electric cars. Unlike other governments around the world, the Australian government offers no subsidies.

Also, electric cars require charging points, and you could say that installing this infrastructure often isn’t a big priority for local, state and federal governments.

Price incentives

Price is a big consideration for Aussie car buyers.

If an electric car is expensive it is highly unlikely consumers will choose an electric car. Knowing this fact will discourage manufacturers from increasing the supply of these products and thus prices stay high.

Maintenance/Running Cost Concerns

Electric cars, of course, use electricity, and at the moment electricity prices in Australia are high, and growing too.

While battery life also raises concerns, along with other unknown possible maintenance costs.

Lack of Charging Stations

Having access to charging stations is imperative, potential owners need to feel assured that they can easily recharge their cars, either at home, work, at the shops or on the go (such as at a service station).

Fast Charging Capabilities

Yes, all electric cars can be charged at home, but with just a standard power point you’re looking at a slow recharge rate.

You can get higher-capacity charging capabilities at home, however this is added complication and expense.

Range Anxiety

One of the main reasons why Australian car buyers are reluctant to buy an electric car is the fear of a dead battery.

We often cover large distances in Australia and there is no doubt range anxiety, despite EVs offering better range all the time, is a factor.

Small Range of Possible Models

Compared to many other markets there really aren’t a lot of different EVs available in Australia.

Pure EVs are pretty much limited to the Tesla range, but for most people these are priced above their car budget.

While Nissan will soon have its new LEAF electric car here.

Yes, there are a number of hybrids, including Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, BMW 3, 5 and 7 Series, and Toyota Camry/Prius, the range of possible models is still fairly limited.


There are many great reasons to make the switch to an electric car, or at least a hybrid.

Environmental benefits, including those reduced emissions, possibly lower running costs and a quieter and smoother drive leading the way.

But while the price of EVs is prohibitive, the infrastructure sparse and the model range reasonably limited, Australian’s look likely to continue to stick with the status quo.

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