What to do with your old car

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At one point or another in our lives, we’re all bound to hit a point where an old car will be staring us in the face, forcing us to make some kind of decision over what comes next for this poor old beat up machine! It’s a question that perplexes many, and finally, we have a couple of answers for you. The first step before going into the details and options, is to change your mindset towards the word ‘old’. Just because something is old, doesn’t mean that it is useless or worthless, quite the opposite actually!

Let’s go over a couple of things that can be done with your old car.


An easy route to go down with your old car is to sell it to a scrap car parts dealer. These are great because they will take other parts of your car that you’d like to sell, or as a whole. There are plenty of these kinds of establishment that specialize in spare parts and scrap. If you have a look at Scrap My Car Montreal, their page will give you insight into what kind of parts they would be willing to trade or take in exchange for cash, and with enough research or asking around, you’re definitely going to find a dealer near to where you live.


If it’s time to let go of old faithful, there’s no harm in looking into trading the old car for a new one. Just make sure that the model of your car has some kind of demand in the market so that this is doable. The downside to this is that you will probably be obliged to sell this for a pretty low price, but in contrast, it will prove to be cheaper than investing solely in a car without making a trade, since this way you are just paying the difference. Make sure you fix as much as you can to get a better price before you make the trade.


This option is one you can consider if you feel that your car won’t get you much value in the junk market, or if you’re feeling generous! You may have a friend or relative that’s having a hard time financially and really needs a car, so it would make you a pretty decent human being to go ahead and give away your car. In the grand scheme of things, if you look at it, the old car probably wouldn’t have gotten you that much cash anyway!


We tend to want to keep things that are old and dear to us, but in many cases, this is just not practical at all, and when it comes to old cars, it’s always wise to consider getting rid of it, one way or another. Even though the number of old cars in the market is on the rise, the number of junk yards and spare parts salesmen are growing as well. You’ll even find an environmentally friendly option if you do some research in your area. And whichever way you decide to let it go, it’s always going to have some kind of benefit, so the car will certainly not go in vain!

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