What to do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down

What to do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down

Some tips on what to do if your car breaks down.

Cars do still fail, even though they are much more reliable than they used to be and that’s why it’s a good idea to try and remember some simple tips on what to do if your vehicle breaks down.

Above anything else though, your safety, your passengers and that of other road users’ needs to be your first priority should your car break down.

Tips on what to do if your vehicle breaks down:

  • If your car stops running properly, and if you can, move your vehicle to the left-hand side of the roadway as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to use your hazard lights.
  • Avoid stopping your car in an active traffic lane (if you can).
  • If you can safely position a warning triangle (and it is appropriate), do so.
  • Call for help (this is where a working mobile phone is a big help).
  • Raise your bonnet (even if the problem isn’t engine related).
  • Stay in your car unless it is absolutely safe to do so.
  • While inside the vehicle, keep your doors locked and your seatbelt fastened.
  • Exercise caution if/when accepting help from strangers.
  • If you absolutely must exit the car, use the door on the opposite side of the roadway.
  • Stay alert and look for traffic and moving cars around you, at all times.
  • If you are changing a flat tire, make sure you do so in a safe place, on flat and level ground and that you follow the safety instructions provided in your cars owner’s manual.

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