Wet weather driving tips

Wet weather driving tips

Simple tips to stay safe on wet roads.

Wet weather driving tips
Wet weather driving tips – wet roads mean less grip and longer stopping distances.

Markedly increased stopping distances, reduced visibility and decreased grip while cornering are just some of the reasons why driving in wet weather is significantly more dangerous than in the dry.

Much of Australia enjoys, or at least puts up with, heavy rainfall at this time of year and of course heading into the storm season as well there’s a good chance you’re going to be using your windscreen wipers often.

In the interests of helping to keep you, us and other road users safe, here’s our list of wet weather driving tips;

  1. Slow down and drive to the conditions
  2. Check your local weather forecast and if possible travel when conditions are expected to improve
  3. Ensure your cars windscreen wipers are in good working order
  4. Ensure your headlights are switched on and that they, and your taillights, are working correctly
  5. If your car windows mist up on the inside use the air conditioning to clear them up quickly
  6. Use local knowledge – if you know of any roads in your area that risk flooding, avoid using them. Stick to main roads where possible as they are less likely to be flooded
  7. On flooded roads, don’t stop in standing water and drive through the highest section of the road slowly. Once you have managed to drive through check your brakes to dry them out as quickly as possible
  8. Drive at a steady speed and increase the travelling distance between you and the car in front of you – at least a four second gap
  9. If your tyres begin to lose traction, ease off the accelerator, do not brake, and allow the speed to naturally decrease until you have full control of your car again
  10. Keep your eyes on the road at all times as spray from other vehicles can suddenly reduce your visibility
  11. Keep in mind that driving in wet conditions can be more taxing and tiring, take regular breaks if travelling long distances
  12. Remember to switch off your headlights when you reach your destination
Wet weather driving tips
Wet weather driving tips – the graph from Queensland Transport shows just how impacted stopping distances are in the wet.

Oh, and don’t forget your umbrella!

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