Weekends declared more dangerous for motorcyclists

Research finds weekends most likely time for crashes

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Motorcyclists need to be sure to take extra care when out and about on the weekends according to crash statistics released by insurance company Youi.

The data revealed that motorcycle crashes are more likely to happen on weekends and when they do happen on a Saturday or Sunday they are typically more serious than mid-week incidents.

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Youi found riders are 43.3% more likely to be in a motorcycle accident on a Saturday, and 27.7% more likely on a Sunday.

Interestingly, more than half (54.6%) of those weekend crashes didn’t involve another vehicle.

While the average claim cost on a Saturday is 37.4% higher, and 42.7% higher on a Sunday, compared to weekday crashes.

Youi CEO Frank Costigan telling us the data has proven to be quite an eyeopener.

“Motorcycles are mainly used as commute vehicles during the week and we see typical peak periods for crashes between the hours of 8am-9am and 3pm-6pm.

“However, our research showed that when it comes to rider behaviour there are two distinct groups – the weekday rider and the weekend rider.

“The considerable difference in weekday and weekend claims suggests that some riders may take to weekend roads to ‘test’ the limits of their machines challenging their riding skills and abilities.”

You can check out the results of the full Youi study in motorcycle crash data here.

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