Ways to Save Money On Airport Car Parking

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Parking at the airport can be highly expensive at times, but sometimes you have no choice but to incur that expense.

However, you have to realize that this expense is the kind that accumulates very quickly, and you can easily owe the parking company over a hundred dollars in just some days. But not to worry, we have some options for you to park your car when you need to travel at much reasonable prices so they don’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Do some research

Before you need to travel, you can do a quick search on Google to see if there are any discounts that your airport is giving for parking your car at the airport. Many a time, they have some sort of budget coupons that actually make a significant difference on the overall price. You may not find some that are valid on the dates you will want to be flying but it is a worth a shot to check.

Use apps or websites

There is a plethora of websites are there for you to check for the cheapest car parking at the airport such as Parkos. These will not only tell you the best rates, but they will also tell you if it is better for you to park long term or short term in order to get the best rates. You should definitely consult these apps and websites and get an idea of the fares that are currently going on.

Monthly parking

If you are a frequent flyer because your job entails you to be, then you should definitely look into some kind of monthly airport parking options. There are many airports that have such programs that you can even share with your family members. They are definitely worth the price, and you will be saving a lot on parking your car if you do it very frequently.

Free parking spots

There are some places you can actually park your car for free, however, these spots are usually near smaller airports. If you want to avail the free parking, you should try booking your flights from these airports next time. Not only do the smaller airports will have cheaper plane tickets, but you will be saving a lot of money on parking your car.

Check public transportation

These days there are many public transportation options that usually provide shuttles to and from the airport. You will be saving a lot of money this way, and you wont have to worry about the fares that will be racking up on your car every day you have it in the airport parking space. This is a very stress free option as you will get dropped off right at the airport and not have to worry about parking your car especially if you are with your family. If you are not too fond of public transport services, then you can use Uber or Lyft which are also very feasible.

Hotel parking

There maybe instances where you might be required to stay at some hotel before you fly. In this case, there are many hotels that offer extended parking option, as well as provide shuttle services to the airport. This package might be more expensive than the cheapest room available, however overall it will be a cheaper option than having to park at the airport. If you calculate and compare the daily prices of parking at the hotel or parking at the airport, you will find out that the hotel will be more economical.

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