Warning: Don’t rely on tyre pressure monitor alone

Still a good idea to keep an eye on tyres and pressures

tyre pressure monitor warning light

Sure, the tyre pressure monitoring technology (TPMS) that now features in most new cars on the market is a great addition – but it’s still a good idea to do physical tyre and air pressure checks.

The technology will alert you if you’re air pressures are down, but that’s really the extent of the info that it can provide.

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That means issues like tread depth and tyre damage could potentially go completely unchecked as people get totally out of the habit of ever checking their tyre air pressures the old-fashioned way.

And, what if one your sensors isn’t working correctly? A lot of car owners don’t realize that they are powered by their own batteries and these can go flat over time.

You could be driving on a seriously under-inflated or damaged tyre and not know it.

TyreSafe agree that motorists shouldn’t allow the technology to make them complacent about their rubber.

Stuart Jackson from TyreSafe tells us drivers need to ensure their tyre pressure monitoring system is working correctly.

“The introduction of TPMS was a valuable step forward in tyre safety but drivers should be more aware of it and the warnings it is capable of producing.

“Make sure you don’t ignore the TPMS warning light on your cars instrument panel (as seen above) and remain aware that it doesn’t warn of the condition of your tyres.”

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  1. It should also be noted that not all TPMS systems check pressure. Some check rolling diameter of the tyres and use the ABS to look for variations in individual wheel speed. So if all four tyres are low on pressure and the pressure is similar you will not get a warning. So please manually check your tyres, about once a month and get them professionally checked if you have hit something.

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