Vintage Spotlight – DeLorean DMC-12

delorean gull-wing doors up

There’s something about cars from the 80s that make me feel so joyful. It’s not because they are better than cars of today, because God knows there were so many turkeys that were produced in that decade…and if I’m honest, a lot of car heads out there would say that the DeLorean was one of them.

And maybe if it never featured in the Back To The Future movie franchise nobody would even remember it ever existed today.

But thankfully it was featured in those movies – in fact you could say it was one of the stars of the film alongside Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

  • Who: DeLorean DMC-12
  • What: 2 door V6 coupe
  • When: 1981-1983

It’s amazing how a humble gullwing sports car, built in Northern Ireland for the American market, could end up being one of the most iconic cars of my generation.

Even more remarkable considering so few (less than about 9,000) were manufactured.

delorean back to the futureI just think it looks so cool. I mean, seriously people, it’s made of brushed stainless steel panels.

So after you’ve had it sitting at the train station in 30 degree heat for 10 hours you can cook an omelette on it – it’s like a mobile frying pan.

Solid and chunky, it’s got a nice wide, low stance, which I love in a car.

Some would (and do) say it looks like a tin can on wheels, but I think the hard angles are what make it really appealing, especially in today’s world of soft, bubbly curves.

I’ve seen a few of them on Sydney roads over the past few years, and they never cease to turn heads.

It’s so iconic, a LEGO®  version was created for the Brickman Awesome exhibition that’s currently touring around Australia.

I was lucky enough to see it in Sydney at the start of 2018 and it was really exciting seeing it in LEGO® form – yet another thing from my childhood that I’m obsessed with!

lego delorean
Credit: Rachel Franco

Excitingly the DeLorean is on track to live again. The company has been resurrected in Texas, USA, and is in the process of getting a small run of cars into production using new old stock parts.

Hold the phone?! At almost $100k!

I could be tempted to throw all sense and reason out the window to relive the 80s in an ‘original’ DeLorean. Excuse me while I grab my leg-warmers and get my hair permed.

I think the main reason I love it, even still today, is that it reminds me of a time in my life that some days I wish I could go back to.

I’m so glad I got to grow up in the 80s (don’t mind me as I put my rose coloured glasses on), and this car just takes me right back to 1985.

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