Ute popularity continues to climb in Australia

2018 Toyota HiLux Rugged X

The February car sales figures show the top three most popular cars in Australia aren’t cars at all…in fact, thay are all utes.  

Passenger car sales are down and the dual cab ute is helping fill the gap with room for an average family.

A ute tray is not only practical but with camping gear, or surf boards or even a dirt bike you are clearly showing an adventurous spirit.

SUVs have lost a bit of the rugged outdoor image as they are often associated with the school run.

You can get a ute now with a lot of comfort and safety features although they are not an elegant vehicle to drive.

And there are hero looking models like the Toyota Rugged and Rugged X, Holden Colorado Xtreme and the 200kW Volkswagen Amarok.

No wonder they are popular.

Check out our ute popularity radio segment:

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