Update: Sarah finds a Mazda3

Sarah finds a Mazda3

Happy outcome for car-buyer Sarah

Remember Sarah? She came to us initially looking for some advice in regards to buying an older German car, such as a BMW 3 Series.

Then, after we mentioned that a late-model Japanese or Korean car might be a better option she went looking for a Mazda3.

That experience didn’t start out too well.

Happily though, after a few false starts and a couple of disappointments (mostly finding cars that were the right price but had manual transmissions or issues that needed repairing), Sarah has had a great buying experience…

My brother referred me to Manheim auctions at Moorebank (Sydney) as they also sell fixed priced cars.

We went for a look and though they didn’t have much in our price range, we were prepared to pay a little more for a great car.

They had nothing in that afternoon that was the right fit for us, but to try and help they even looked up the Pickles website for us, and also gave us some tips on what to look out for with the purchase.

One of the reps overheard what I was looking for and mentioned that on the weekend a Mazda3 would be coming in that was in beautiful condition.

I said I was interested in having a look at it and that I would come back.

True to their word, the guys at Manheim called me back later the same day saying they had been able to get the Mazda3 in early and that it was coming in that afternoon.

I went back and as promised this car was immaculate and well worth my trip back.

They had made special arrangements to get the car there for me that afternoon. I was so impressed with their level of commitment to helping me and their honest approach earlier when they didn’t have anything suitable.

I paid a deposit, and picked her up the next day.

They had even sourced log book covers, number plate covers and painted the wheels black for my daughter.

I really felt they went above and beyond and would recommend Adam and the boys at Mannheim any day.

Thanks Sarah, glad to see you had a great outcome!

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