January 9, 2019

What Is Colorbond and Why Use It?

Colorbond is a lightweight roofing material made from coated steel. It has immensely gained fame in Australian homes due to its usefulness.   Below are reasons why you should use it.    Strength    Colorbond roofing material is lightweight and very strong. It can withstand intense winds, is resistant to termites, and is non-combustible. This roofing material is also corrosion-free, resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling.    Since it is lightweight, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to install.   Durability  and Maintenance   Colorbond is made from coated steel, making it sturdy. The roofing material is baked, increasing its toughness and making it resistant to crack and leak. The toughness of the Colorbond roofing material proves its long-lasting durability.   The colour is physically boded to the metal, meaning you don’t have to paint it or otherwise maintain it.   Friendly Design   Colorbond roofing material comes in different colours and designs, giving your home a modern and beautiful look. With its lightweight nature, this roofing sheet provides a greater spanning capability to reduce the need for many columns when holding up the roof. The spanning capability of these roofing sheets also allows you a more flexible and open floor space.   Insulation    During the summer or winter season, Colorbond roofing sheets are a thermally efficient material to insulate your house no matter what the temperature outdoors. The sheets absorb less heat, optimises the sun’s heat radiation, and cools it down extremely fast at night if you use lighter colours.   Cost   Tassie Sheds. With the great in-built insulator and less costly maintenance after installation, Colorbond becomes a cheaper roofing technique when compared to other roofing materials.   Summary   Choosing the right roofing material is understandably hard, but it all comes to preferences and taste. Roofing materials can look so fascinating, yet it is not durable; Colorbond, on the other hand, carries both modern design and long-lasting durability.   Above are just a few reasons why you should use it.