January 9, 2019

4 Costly Traffic Violations That You Can Avoid

Road safety is crucial to every driver. When on the road, you must be careful to avoid traffic offences. Violating traffic rules comes with undesirable consequences. First, you will get a traffic ticket charging you for the offense. You can easily settle the ticket but it can have unending pain like an increase in your insurance costs. Also, some traffic violations follow under felony or misdemeanor. For instance, if you injured a person or caused property destruction, you will face legal changes. Some traffic violations can lead to imprisonment, high fines, loss of your driving license, and other regrettable consequences. Though it is impossible to avoid some traffic issues, here are 4 costly but avoidable traffic violations:


As a driver, you have control over your car. You determine how fast or slow it will move. When you have a nice car or in a hurry, you may opt to drive beyond the recommended limits. Your step will not only pose you are the danger of severe injury or fatality but can make you spend years behind the bars. It is essential to observe your speed. Ensure you drive at the recommended speeds at residential areas and schools. Follow all minimum and maximum speed levels in various places.

Driving without insurance

Your insurance expired yesterday. Since your company did not send you an updated one, you decide to drive to their offices. This time you do not use a different car. Such an action amounts to an illegal attempt in many countries. When a traffic officer meets you on the road you will get a ticket. This issue can land you behind the bar and ensure you spend years in prison. Fortunately, it is simple to avoid it. All you need is to avoid driving without insurance cover.

Drinking and driving

No one limits you from drinking alcohol. You can enjoy a nice time with friends partying and drinking. But when the party is over, take a cab or get a sober driver to drive you home. Driving while drunk is a major traffic violation. This aspect amounts to careless driving. If caught, you will get hefty court fines. Sometimes it will amount to imprisonment and loss of your driving license. So, when drunk, do not try to drive your car. You can take it the following day after sobering up.

Ignoring traffic lights

Ignoring the traffic lights is another common and avoidable violation. Some drivers pay little attention to the traffic lights. You will see someone driving when the red light is displaying. For you, the case should be different. Never interpret a yellow light as a sign to speed up. Instead, it is an indicator of slowing down when it is moving from green to red. So, to avoid such violations, always pay attention to the traffic lights. In a word, you can save yourself from spending time in courts or police stations by obeying traffic rules. As a driver or car owner, avoiding the above traffic violations will make your time on the road safe and peaceful.