UK drivers found to be multitasking behind the wheel

Hair styling and pets among the driver distractions

UK driver’s found to be multitasking behind the wheel

It’s a common message that is reinforced to us in recent times not you use your mobile phone whilst driving.

But a new poll has found UK drivers are being distracted by many other factors.

Road safety charity IAM RoadSmart polled 2300 people and found most witness other drivers being distracted on the roads more often than not.

While more mundane behaviours like eating and drinking or smoking were observed, a few, more complex tasks made the list.

We at Behind the Wheel can’t fathom how it’s possible to use a laptop while driving, reading a book or carry out a shaving routine. We can only assume it’s an electric razor and not a brush and blade.

Over 80% of those surveyed recall seeing drivers telling off children in the back seat with nearly half saw someone trying to wrangle a family pet.

But the more worrying statistic is that most respondents said they themselves were affected by the distracted drivers due to any one of these reasons.

IAM RoadSmart CEO Sarah Sillars says driving should be the sole activity and there is no such thing as multitasking behind the wheel.

“But it is exactly in these situations that a tragedy can occur. Talking to any passengers can wait until there are no other potential problems around and pets should always be securely transported in their carriers.”

IAM RoadSmart created a video to show if ex-Formula 1 test driver Darren Turner would be distracted while driving:

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  1. Eek! That headline! Driver’s. There are a couple on the web page today. Please avoid apostrophes on plurals. It is incorrect English because nothing is missing as in words where apostrophes are correctly used to indicate letters have been dropped such as isn’t, can’t. It certainly ain’t good News English. You don’t want readers to cringe at your informative website.

  2. Thanks. All good. The other distractions are outside the car. Attractive young women are hired for lollipop duty at road works as they are more calming than males, but they are also a distraction.

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