Tyres a factor in 40% of fatal crashes

Tyres a factor in 40% of fatal crashes

Data shows worn and under-inflated tyres causing road deaths.

Tyres a factor in 40% of fatal crashes
Check, or get your tyres checked regularly – including air pressures.

The Department for Transport in the United Kingdom has claimed issues relating to car tyres were to blame for more than 40% of all fatal vehicle crashes there last year.

Illegal tyres, along with defective or under-inflated tyres were cited as a contributing factor in an extraordinary 968 cases in 2013 alone in the UK. Interestingly, of all those fatal crashes, 45 per cent occurred on A roads (the main roads radiating out of London).

Stuart Jackson, chairman of the not-for-profit road safety organisation – TyreSafe, says the data is a sad reflection of a general attitude of indifference by many drivers towards checking their tyres regularly.

“As the only part of your car in contact with the road, it’s vital that your tyres are looked after correctly and inspected regularly to ensure they will work properly in emergency situations when they are needed most.”

Joel Helmes