More tweaks for Toyota 86

More tweaks for Toyota 86

More tweaks for 86 as Toyota beefs-up Toyota 86 suspension.

More tweaks for Toyota 86
More tweaks for Toyota 86 – The silver paint available on the Toyota 86 has also been refreshed.

After introducing a Limited Slip Differential as standard late last year, Toyota Australia has just announced more tweaks for the popular Toyota 86.

The biggest changes will be introduced under the surface, with alterations to the way suspension components are attached to the chassis and a re-tune of the Toyota 86’s shock absorbers.

Toyota 86 global chief engineer Tetsuya Tada says the changes bring a more rigid suspension setup, which delivers better handling response and steering feel.

Inside the cabin, the entry-level Toyota 86 GT variant is now fitted with the same instrument cluster as the higher-grade Toyota 86 GTS. The automatic version of the 86 GT also gains a shift-position indicator.

While two new shades of white and silver paint are also available on the Toyota 86.

Despite the changes, prices for the Toyota 86 GT and GTS remain the same, those prices start from $29,990.

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Joel Helmes