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kindig customs

Those who know me know… I watch A LOT of TV. Some people like to go for a jog or a beer to unwind after a long day at work; I like to park my arse on the couch in front of the box or on my laptop, preferably with a junk food snack (that probably shouldn’t be classified as food), and be thoroughly entertained.

You might pick me as a Married At First Sight or a My Kitchen Rules kind of gal. But you’d be dead wrong – I’m half Sicilian, I have enough drama in my life without watching it on TV thanks.

I’m more of a car show chick, and I’d like to tell you about some of my favourite car shows that you should absolutely check out if you haven’t already.

  • Kindig Customs
  • Discovery Turbo on FOXTEL
  • Tuesday 9:30pm (EST)

This is such a great car restoration show. Owner and designer Dave Kindig and his team take on projects brought in from all over the U.S. and sometimes beyond, at their workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The work they do is exceptional.

Check out my all time favourite car of theirs – a ’60 Cadillac Coupe Deville. This thing is a true work of art. It’s customisation done right. Not too over the top, but enough to be totally bespoke and unique.

kindg customs cadillac devilleThose front and rear grills though *sigh*. And the copper accents in those wheel arches!

Unlike some other car restoration shows around at the moment, these guys are all about the cars and all about having a laugh.

They take the work seriously but not themselves, and it makes for a top show.

There’s no BS, no nastiness or ego.

Just a team of guys that genuinely enjoy working with each other. The behind the scenes episodes are great – so many bloopers, so little time.

And the work they do… AMAZING. Such top quality, from the design to the build, the level of detail is astounding. I’d kill to have one of their cars.

If you can’t catch the show then definitely check out their website and gallery of work, and prepare to be impressed!

Oh, and check out this interview we did with Dave a couple of years ago.

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