Truck industry urging car owners to drive safe these holidays

Most truck and car crashes are caused by the smaller vehicle

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There is no doubt the strong restrictions and regulations that the truck industry now operates under have made for safer roads.

But did you know that most of the serious crashes that occur between cars and trucks are the fault of the smaller vehicle?

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In fact, it’s the car driver in eight out of ten fatal road crashes that involve a car and a truck that is found to be at fault.

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has today asked Australia’s truck drivers to take extra care these Christmas holidays, there’s also a message for car drivers.

But, the ATA wants all road users to make safety a priority this festive season and have offered these simple tips to help make the roads safer:

Stay out of heavy vehicle blind spots

If you can’t see the trucks side mirrors when you’re behind it, you’re too close and the driver can’t see you!

Cutting in front of a truck can also put motorists in the forward blind spot. Sitting too close to the left passenger door is also a common blind spot.

Don’t cut in front of trucks

A truck needs greater distance to stop than most expect because they are much heavier than cars.

Don’t overtake trucks when they are turning

Trucks often need to turn from the centre lane at intersections and corners, so stay well back.

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