Triplewax Glass Shine Review

Triplewax Glass Shine Review

Joel Helmes reviews Triplewax Glass Shine.

Triplewax Glass Shine Review
Triplewax Glass Shine Review.

It turns out that not all glass cleaners are the same!

When the team at Altrex Auto Accessories offered us this product to test out I had in my mind that all glass cleaners are about the same, that is not the case.

Yes, of course there are the household types and even aerosol glass cleaners; Triplewax Glass Cleaner though is just a simple spray pack that makes the job of getting crystal clear glass a fuss free experience.

Triplewax Glass Shine Review
It’s just a matter of spray on and wipe off with a clean and lint-free cloth.

Once sprayed on the glass, I found the Triplewax product essentially ‘lubricated’ the clean rag I was using. This means the product and the rag simply glided across the surface of the glass, leaving a clean and streak-free finish.

It not only removed smudges with ease, but also easily cleaned more genuinely dirty sections of the windscreen.

I was also very surprised to see that Triplewax Glass Shine contains anti-mist protection and has bug removal agents as well, this means it’s just as effective on the outside of your cars glass!

I was genuinely impressed.

Triplewax Glass Shine Review
The results speak for themselves.

Triplewax Glass Shine is available from auto accessory retailers and direct from the Altrex Auto Accessories online store.

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