Triplewax Dash Cleaner Aerosol

Triplewax Dash Cleaner Aerosol

Our Product of the Week is Triplewax Dash Cleaner.

Triplewax Dash Cleaner Aerosol
Triplewax Dash Cleaner Aerosol – this week’s product of the week will help keep your cars dashboard clean and shiny.

We’ve been choosing products that keep the outside of your product shiny and clean as our Product of the Week in recent times, this week we have selected a handy product that specializes on an important area of your car inside the cabin.

Don’t have a shiny car and a dirt and dull dashboard, that makes no sense!

So, when your car wash and polish routine is done make sure you give your cabin a going-over too, and to finish the job we recommend this week’s product of the week – Triplewax Dash Cleaner Aerosol.

Available in a big 500ml and with a fresh, fruity fragrance, Triplewax Dash Cleaner is easy to use and guarantees you a sparkling dash every time.

It contains an anti-static agent to resist dirt and dust settlement. It is suitable for use on PVC, plastic, leather, wood and most synthetic materials, in the car.

You can even bring the aerosol can inside and use this product around the home! Just make sure it makes its way back to the garage after, cars come first, right?

Order Triplewax Dash Cleaner Aerosol now from the Online Store at for just $14.99.

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