Toyota squeezes more out of hybrids

Toyota squeezes more out of hybrids

New technology helps Toyota get more from its hybrids…

In the past twenty years hybrid cars have gone from automotive curiosities to everyday sightings on our roads.

While the technology has helped take us a step away from the traditional internal combustion engine, the fuel savings, power output and higher initial purchase price have all worked to stunt their growth.

But, Toyota say their hybrids are improving all the time.

Now the unabashed hybrid fanatics at Toyota have announced that they are developing a new generation of computer chips that could boost the fuel efficiency of their hybrid vehicles by 10%, while also significantly reducing the size of the crucial power control unit.

The silicon carbide computer chip technology helps reduce the amount of current lost as heat, and switch the current flow on and off more efficiently.

If on-road testing proves successful, the technology could appear in new hybrid Toyota and Lexus vehicles in around a year.

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