Toyota moves towards hydrogen

Toyota moves towards hydrogen

They pioneered the hybrid, now Toyota champions hydrogen tech.

Toyota moves towards hydrogen
Could be a while before we see it here, still it is an exciting step in the development of the hydrogen fuel-cell car.

It still seems too good to be true; a fuel that’s derived entirely from water with the only emissions being water vapour! But, that is exactly what hydrogen technology delivers.

Sure, there are some challenges standing in the way of the widespread adoption of hydrogen powered engines, one of the biggest being a simple lack of refuelling infrastructure.

In Japan however a very significant step in the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles is being marked with the news Toyota will soon offer a hydrogen powered passenger car to the general public.

Still known simply as the ‘Fuel-Cell Sedan’, the model will go on sale in Japan at some stage before April next year, Toyota promising the model will hit US and Europe roads in around a year.

Priced at about $73,000 Australian dollars, Toyota Australia executive director of sales and marketing Tony Cramb says the fuel-cell car is the result of more than a decade of Toyota research and development.

“Toyota’s history with hybrid vehicles provides the experience needed to launch a new technology to the market in countries where the fuelling infrastructure is available,”

“In Australia, there are many challenges ahead, including development of the required infrastructure and greater customer awareness, before hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles can be offered here.”

“But Toyota is confident that hydrogen will become increasingly popular as a way of powering vehicles around the world.”

Very exciting technology!

Joel Helmes