Top Five Gadgets for Your Car

Top Five Gadgets for Your Car

A look at some of today’s hottest tech gadgets…

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about which gadgets to choose? How do you pick between function and just plain fun?

To help you narrow down the options, here’s a look at the top five gadgets suggested for your car.

What’s great about these gadgets is that the make, model, and year of your vehicle make no difference.

See Where You’re Going

There is no shame in admitting that putting your car in reverse brings up at least a twinge of anxiety.

As soon as it’s necessary to drive/park in reverse it becomes painfully obvious just how little you’re able to see.

This is exactly why backup cameras were created and are being installed in the newest models.

Many manufacturers are now including them as a standard feature.

Now, just because your vehicle may not have come equipped with a backup camera, that doesn’t mean you can’t install one yourself.

There are all kinds of aftermarket models available that will provide you with a clear image of what’s behind you, and even give off a warning alarm if anything gets too close.

Enable Bluetooth in Your Car

Again, this is a feature that is becoming more and more common in today’s newest models, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle has Bluetooth connectivity pre-installed.

If you want to create a truly smart car environment, you need to purchase a Bluetooth car kit.

This kit will make it possible for you to make and receive calls, and play your music in a hands-free manner. T

his item isn’t just cool and convenient, it also provides additional safety since you can keep both hands on the wheel.

A Mobile Phone Holder

How many times have you found yourself reaching around for your phone while trying to keep your eyes on the road, and one hand on the wheel?

Clearly this isn’t an ideal situation and is far from safe.

A mobile phone holder can easily and quickly be installed in any car and provides a safe and secure place for your phone to rest while you are driving.

Create a Mobile Office

If you are the type that works on the road and you need to carry a laptop or netbook with you, then you will want to check out the stands that can be installed right into your car.

You are basically able to create a portable desk in your vehicle, ending up with a comfortable and efficient workstation.

This makes typing more comfortable, plus most of these stands feature an adjustable strap which will keep your laptop/netbook firmly in place.

Choose What Makes Sense for Your Needs

This is just a very small glimpse of some of the must-have tech gadgets available for vehicles nowadays.

It’s best to give thought to what you need to be able to do in your car, your driving style and habits, and where your vehicle seems to be lacking in “efficiency”.

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