Top 10 Cars Your Girl Will Really Enjoy

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The Swedish premium crossover is a recognized symbol of respectability which is the best-selling model of the entire Volvo model line. Such a car is the best choice for women or those who prefer safety and stability. Great interior, laconic exterior lines, as well as the versatility of this model has earned deserved recognition from the experts around the world.

Perhaps this is the best car for a woman who appreciates quality and safety. According to the results of expert assessments, the safety of this model for the driver and passengers reaches 94%.


In a top list of women’s cars, we could not go without featuring this SLK class convertible from the Daimler AG automaker. The compact sports roadster entered the car market in 2011; it is characterized by the presence of a rigid folding roof, which makes this model a full-fledged universal car. Speed, power, elegance – these are the main qualities of this car.


Our rating is based on the most suitable vehicle operating and vehicle comfort conditions. In this sense, the Infiniti EX QX50 is an ideal option for those girls who appreciate the comfort of the passengers and themselves while driving. Judging by the reviews of the happy owners of this model, they fell in love with the Infiniti EX.


This compact crossover is an excellent automobile in terms of city traffic. It will perfectly fit both in the parking lot of the supermarket and in the office parking. It’s equally comfortable for beginners and experienced drivers.


A compact 5-door SUV from Japanese automakers earns the 6th place on this list. Judging by the reviews of the female-owners of this crossover, it is easy to handle, and it is comfortable and has a sense of novelty to it. Surely everyone knows that, when choosing a car, men evaluate the technical characteristics of the vehicle, and women mainly focus on functionality, aesthetics, and prestige.


We placed the representative of the French car industry Citroen C4 on the fifth place of our today’s top 10. This updated sedan has a new design of the front as well as a diesel modification. It is a great car that suits many needs.


This SUV will attract the attention of a practical and purposeful woman who wants to be confident in herself and her car. You can safely trust this model of the Japanese concern Toyota. It is driven by both beginners and experienced drivers. The functionality of the SUV is in high quality and comfort of the driver. Do you still doubt which car is better for a girl? Then check out the Toyota RAV4 with an automatic transmission.


Perhaps this is the best car for a girl leading an active lifestyle. It is very fast, and you will never miss another meeting or a date after getting yourself this beauty. This compact automobile is ideal for those who prefer speed and elegance.


The stylish, bright, and original Mini Cooper took the second place. Well, which car is better for a woman if the price is of no concern?

The unequivocal answer will be Mini Cooper. According to experts, this car deservedly can claim to be the car of the 20th century. Its retro style will not leave a creative person indifferent, with its delicate style. Many celebrities and business people choose Mini Cooper.


One of the most popular cars in Europe, this car from the French automaker has become a recognized leader in the market of compact automobiles.

The Peugeot 208 has been produced since 2012, replacing the Peugeot 207 on the market which has won many fans’ attention all over the world. The updated Peugeot 208 has become lighter than its predecessor, and now there is a touchscreen display in it, acting as a media center.

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