Talking Screen Machines with Robert Moseley

Talking Screen Machines with Robert Moseley

We chat to Screen Machines host Robert Moseley.

Robert ‘Videobob’ Moseley is renowned for being the man to talk to if you want an as close to original as possible recreation of an iconic vehicle from television and films.

Want a KITT from Knight Rider or a Batmobile? Robert Moseley is the man to talk to.

In this chat with Behind the Wheel’s Simon Lai, Robert Moseley talks about his background and how he got into creating movie and TV replica cars, how he goes about building them and what we can expect from the upcoming season of Screen Machines…

For more info on Robert’s TV and film car replica’s, check out the Bob’s Prop Shop website. The coming season of Screen Machines premieres Thursday the 4th of February at 8.30pm on Discovery Turbo.

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