Talking Gears, Grease and Glory with Marc Priestley

Talking Gears, Grease and Glory with Marc Priestley

Marc “Elvis” Priestley is certainly no stranger to the inner workings of a car, in fact, he was one of the top Formula One mechanics for a number of years.

Today though he is the host of a new series which premieres tomorrow on Discovery Turbo, Gears, Grease and Glory.

In the series “Elvis” travels to South Africa, Mexico, Britain, Sweden, Cuba and Thailand and gets his hands dirty working alongside grassroots experts in some of the most extraordinary and unique amateur motorsports.

He creates, builds, and customises vehicles and puts them to the test in local motorsports competitions. Some of the motorsports he gets involved with include car spinning, hopping lowriders, drag racing and long-tail boat racing.

Behind the Wheel’s Simon Lai caught up with “Elvis” for a chat…

Marc “Elvis” Priestley Bio

Marc “Elvis” Priestley worked for McLaren Racing as a Formula One mechanic and member of the pitstop crew from 2000-2009.

Originally joining one of F1’s most historic and prominent teams as a member of its test team, Elvis quickly moved up the ranks onto the race team and spent many years working in various roles with a distinguished list of drivers including Mika Hakkinen, David Coulthard, Olivier Panis, and Kimi Raikkonen, plus more.

Elvis became one of the most experienced members of the pit stop crew, performing in nearly every position around the car at different times, including: wheel on, wheel off, wheel gunner, front jack, rear jack, refueller, nose on and nose off.

After nearly 10 years with McLaren and more recent team management and consultancy roles, Elvis has successfully established himself within the world of F1 broadcasting, discussing the sport he loves.

In between races, he also speaks to a number of corporate audiences about the lessons they can learn from Formula One in the areas of teamwork and incremental gains.

Elvis is now taking his F1 skillset and know-how back to the basics of motorsport and to some of the most extraordinary grassroots racing scenes on the planet in Discovery Turbo’s Gears, Grease & Glory.

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