How to take GREAT Car Photos

How to take GREAT Car Photos

Selling your car? You want to show it off with great photos…

So, it’s time to list your car for sale on the internet and that means giving potential buyers the best possible look at your vehicle.

Unfortunately, from what we’ve seen, some people can do with a little help ensuring their car sales listing is optimized to get the most clicks and hopefully a quick sale.

Selling your car privately? Check out these other tips.

Clear and effective photographs of your car can really make or break your car sales listing.

So, here’s a few things you should remember when taking those snaps of your car.

Wash first

It might seem like common sense but make sure your car is clean and clear of any unnecessary clutter.


Yes, it does make a big difference to the finished product. Select an area that is neither too bright, or too dark.

We recommend taking photos of your car either in the morning or the late afternoon and a cloudy day also makes for good results too.

Pick a good spot

Make sure you take your photos in an area that is safe and where you can take your time.

You should use a location to take your car sales photos that allows you to easily move around the car, open the doors, change the cars position etc.

Landscape is best

It might seem obvious; however we see more than our fair share of car photos that have been taken with the camera/phone the wrong way around.

You’re photographing something rectangular so make sure you use the landscape setting and not portrait.

Take lots of photos

You’re not paying for film, so why not take lots of photos? This will enable you to pick the best images that accurately show all the good bits of your car.

Photograph everything

Ok, well maybe not absolutely everything – it’s probably rare for people to want a photo of the inside of your glove box!

But seriously, get shots of the engine bay, boot, back seat, front seats, dashboard, and the front, sides (both) and rear of your car.


When you’ve selected the images that you want to use then it’s a good idea to resize them down to a manageable size.

We recommend using a basic program such as ‘Paint’ to shrink the images down to around a 1000 pixel width.

This will ensure you can easily upload them to car sales websites and can also email the images should a buyer request more photos etc.

Need more help? Send us an email and we’ll happily share more car sales tips and of course if you want to try our FREE vehicle sales website, simply head here.

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