Takata airbag recall involves more Subaru cars

More than 30,000 Subaru Impreza and Forester cars recalled…

Takata airbag recall involves more Subaru cars

A significant number of additional Subaru cars sold in Australia have been added to the list of vehicles affected by the global Takata Airbag Recalls.

Already affecting Subaru Tribeca, Liberty, Outback and Impreza vehicles sold in Australia, now MY2008-2009 Subaru Impreza and MY2009 Forester vehicles are also affected.

In total, more than 18,600 Subaru Impreza vehicles are affected, along with over 15,900 Foresters.

Is your Subaru affected? Check your VIN here.

The Takata airbag recalls are being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the recall notice advises that the passenger’s front airbag inflator propellant wafers may have an increased potential for moisture intrusion over time.

Moisture intrusion could potentially make the inflator assembly more susceptible to rupture during airbag deployment.

The ruptured inflator may create metallic fragments during deployment that could contact an occupant, increasing the risk of injury.

Known owners will be contacted Subaru Australia by mail as soon as parts are available.

The correspondence will instruct owners to present their vehicle to their preferred Subaru dealership for replacement of the front passenger airbag at no cost.

More info is also available from Subaru Customer Relations on 1800 22 66 43.

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  1. Hi Kate,
    I have a 2004 Liberty which is subject to the airbag recall. This vehicle has had a long history of excessive fogging up after a rain event and I have never been able to find the cause. The problem did not go away even after a windscreen reseal.
    Have you had any indication that this could be a by-product of the moisture intrusion into the airbag?
    Incidentally, I have had the initial contact from Subaru about the recall but no indication of likely date for the fix. Have you had any indication from them of the progress of the recall?

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