T-Cut Colour Fast

T-Cut Colour Fast

The Behind the Wheel Product of the Week is T-Cut Colour Fast.

T-Cut Colour Fast
T-Cut Colour Fast – our Product of the Week, give it a go!

We are proud to declare T-Cut Colour Fast as our Product of the Week this week, why? Because we have tested it out ourselves and were very impressed.

Traditionally, to get your paint back to showroom shine you would have to apply a number of different products through a number of time consuming (and arm punishing) steps. This can be a time consuming and expensive exercise that might just make you give up on ever getting back that new car shine!

But T-Cut Colour Fast allows you to restore and protect your cars paintwork in one easy treatment. It quickly and efficiently removes dirt, oxidation and paintwork scratches, while leaving a long-lasting protective layer of wax.

Simply wash your car, apply T-Cut Colour Fast and then polish it off for a deep paintwork shine. It also creates a barrier to help prevent further fading from sunlight. Suitable for traditional lacquers, metallic and pearl for old and new cars.

Order your T-Cut Colour Fast in the shade that best matches your cars paintwork in the Altrex Auto Accessories Online Store now for only $19.99 and it will be delivered straight to your door.

Shiny new paint is just a few clicks of a mouse away!

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