Suzuki Swift 4×4 unlikely to come our way

Suzuki Swift 4x4 unlikely to come our way

All-wheel drive variant launched into the UK but probably not heading down-under.

Suzuki Swift 4x4 unlikely to come our way
The Suzuki Swift 4×4 gets an additional 25mm of ground clearance.

The all-wheel drive version of the Suzuki Swift is now available in the UK, but is unlikely to come to Australia.

The 4×4 version of the Swift has proven a sales success in Japan and several European countries since its launch in 2011, buyers have been attracted to the extra grip in climates where ice and snow are commonplace.

With an increased ride height of 25mm, the Swift four-wheel drive system transfers additional torque to the rear wheels when required via a viscous coupling.

Despite the 4×4 Swift’s popularity overseas Suzuki Australia today confirmed the variant was unlikely to come our way.

Joel Helmes