Suzuki Celerio brake fault found

Suzuki finds the fault that has sidelined new model.

suzuki celerio brake fault recall

As we reported last week, sales of the new 2015 Suzuki Celerio in Australia and other markets is on hold after it was found that the new model might have a brake system fault.

While undertaking a braking test in the UK, journalists experienced a brake system failure in the new Celerio and reported it to Suzuki.

The Japanese manufacturer then began an investigation and a recall was launched for models already delivered in markets overseas.

Now, Suzuki in the UK has released a statement saying that the issue relates to a possible fault in the brake pedal release mechanism.

Suzuki say a rectification is currently being implemented and delivery of modified brake components is expected in the coming weeks.

Until that rectification is implemented though, the Suzuki Celerio in the UK, Australia and other markets will remain grounded.

We will keep you updated with more information as it comes to hand, meantime – Suzuki Celerio grabs just a four star ANCAP safety rating, check out the details.